Why I use… KeePass

What is it?

KeePass is a free open source password manager, that you can use to create and access an encrypted database for storing passwords and usernames.

Why is it relevant as a dyslexia coping strategy?

I locked myself out of a work account at a new job within half an hour of having set it up, and then had to wait two days for a reset key to be delivered by internal snail mail. Continue reading


Why I use… WorkFlowy

I organize my entire life with WorkFlowy, so it’s an excellent topic for my first blog post.

What is it?

WorkFlowy is a nested list accessible via the Internet. Yes – it’s very simple and very elegant.

Why is it relevant as a dyslexia-coping strategy?

I find it helps me to remember and plan things by making organized lists that are easy to reorganize, and then to share and sync that information across platforms, i.e. my laptop and my smart phone. Continue reading