About this Blog

Why a blog about productivity tools as dyslexia coping strategies?

First, because commonplace and widely available software tools and devices can now perform the tasks that even 10 years ago required expensive and highly specialist tools. I want to share what I use, in the hope that others find it useful. I think it helps that I’m picky about the tools I use and reasonable technically minded.

Second, most of what I read about dyslexia focuses on the effect it has on dyslexic children learning to read. Dyslexia is a lifelong condition and I want to read more about how to cope with dyslexia as an adult. Efficient and optimal working practices are important for everyone, but they are vital for the dyslexic adult required to perform to the same level as her non-dyslexic colleagues. So again, I want to share my successful workplace coping strategies in the hope that it helps others.

I also want to read more about dyslexia as it relates to studying science and maths. So, there are also posts on scientific writing, which may outwardly seem only tangentially related to dyslexia coping strategies. However, given the high proportion of dyslexic scientists of my acquaintance I’d argue otherwise.

The real productive dyslexic currently works as a freelance scientific copy editor – no, I didn’t think that would ever happen either – and before that, completed a doctorate using lasers to sense trace gases.

Contact via productivedyslexic@gmail.com.

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